• МФГС“The capital of partnership” was developed through the Humanitarian collaboration of CIS member countries, the Cultural collaboration council and with the help and active participation of Humanitarian collaboration interstate foundation initiation. The purpose of this project is to unify the cultural potential of CIS member countries, increasing cultural contacts which will create a base for economic growth, development of different regions and cities of CIS countries and will raise the status collaboration, internationally.

    It is obvious that winners of this contest can become a city or an administrative district that has a clear strategy for using culture as a resource for economic, social life and humanitarian development. 

    The experiences of European cultural capital projects are used for concept development of “The capital of partnership” project, which became an impulse for developing number of regions around Europe. During 1980s, a famous Greek social-political figure Melina Merkuri, came up with an initiation of joining the potential of culture to confront wars and conflicts. She proposed the idea of joint European cultural capital; the title would successively be passed to cities that are not capitals of European countries. The status of the cultural capital would be granted for one year, which would be a chance to turn the city into a cultural life centre.

    Russia is organizing projects of this kind on state level, in particular the “Volga cultural capital” project, developed similar to the European projects, realized in 2000 and 2006, but in a separate region, within the border of the Volga federal. The first “CIS cultural capital” became the Belarusian ancient city Gomel, Russian Ulyanovsk city was the second which also became the 1st Volga cultural capital.