• Triangle

    This movie is about friendship between 13 years old young boy and five iron smiths, which is directed with soviet Leninakan spirit. At the beginning, young iron smith Mko gets married with a Russian girl, however his friends are not quite happy with their friend’s beloved Lyuba. After this the patriotic war begins and iron smith Gaspar goes to war. Mko and Lyuba later join on him. And   Hovik grows up and moves to another city to continue his education. 

    (1967, drama, director Henrik Malyan) 

  • The old day song

    The actions of this movie take place in Leninakan, during the Patriotic great war.  Characters of this movie are members from a theater band, who share the pain and grief of citizens who suffered from war. 

    (1982, drama, director Albert Mkrtchyan)

  • A piece of sky

    Actions of a small city in Western Armenia at the beginning of the 20th century are presented in this movie. The main theme of the movie is the love story of Torik, a poor, shy and a simple guy and Angela having the “oldest profession”.  Even though the society was not accepting their relationship, the young guy was still struggling for their love and happiness and eventually gets married with Angela.

    (1980, comedy, drama, director Henrik Malyan)

  • The tango of our childhood

    After the end of the war Ruben leaves his family and goes to live with another woman, who saved his life during the war. Proud Siranush can't put up with that idea and takes steps to bring Ruben back. Confusion starts between them which results Ruben's imprisonment. 

    (1985, drama, director Albert Mkrtchyan)

  • Anush

    The young couple Anush and Saro lived in a village and they loved each other. Nothing could prevent their marriage and become an obstacle for their happiness. However, during a wedding Saro and Anush’s brother Mosi start competing with each other, and during competitions of this kind there are no winners and no losers. But, subconsciously Saro forgets about the rules and deceives Mosi by winning him, which could be revenged only with blood. 

    (1983, movie-opera, tragedy, director Marat Varzhapetyan)

  • The Spring of Heghnar

    The action of this movie takes place at the beginning of the 20th century. Master Mkrtich builds a spring in honor of his wife who betrayed him. It was built in a special way so that when a stranger approached it, water stops flowing. Water from that spring could only drink Master Mkrtich by keeping his wife's honor. Master’s son was the only person who could reviele spring's mystery.  

    (1970, drama, director Arman Manaryan)

  • Gyumri

    Gyumri (1987) - a documentary movie about Gyumri before the 1988 Spitak earthquake.

    Director Levon Mkrtchyan.

  • Melodies of Shirak

    The song and dance ensemble of Leninakan are performing in this movie as well as the railroad cultural ensemble named after Sevyan. 

    (1965, music film, director Vilen Zaqaryan)

  • The Gyumri folk instrument state orchestra

    The concert known as “Gyumri, my love” was devoted to the 25th anniversary of the Gyumri folk instrument state orchestra foundation. It represented a rich and diverse musical art, starting with the Alekpol bard origins and finishing with the work of more contemporary composers. The concert was enhanced with theatrics and beautiful dance performances, which created a unique musical experience. Due to famous performers in the republic and the city, the newly orchestrated melodies reached the audiences’ souls and for a short period of time they forgot about their daily troubles, and were uplifted to a new level of excitement by their pleasant surroundings. It is interesting to listen to the lively Gyumri humor-songs, representing the lifestyle of the city. In particular “Gyumri fayetons” instrumental performance unifies the entire meaning of the concert.

  • Gyumri Walking Tour

    Discover Gyumri's architectural values and lifestyle within couple of minutes.

    Created by Roffi Petrossian