• Gyumri Development Foundation

    Gyumri was declared as the CIS cultural capital 2013, during the CIS directors’ council session on 5th of December of 2012 in Ashkhabad.

    The council of elder of Gyumri had created a “Gyumri Development Foundation” on November 22 of 2012, by the N171 decision, which will benefit the development of social, cultural, educational, sports and tourism sphere in Gyumri community, the preservation and restoration of historic cultural, religious monuments (churches, religious buildings), as well as building new constructions in “Kumayri museum-preserve” area. This will also modernize the existing general infrastructure of the city.

    We call for all legal entities and physical individuals, our follow Armenians of diaspora, individual entrepreneurs, beneficiaries and those who are excited and want to see Gyumri as a developed, prosperous and a carrier of historic cultural religious values, by being part of this patriotic action.

    The Gyumri municipality guarantees the usage of the invested financial means, by ensuring transparency of the foundation activities and publicity.

    Foundation bank account number,

    "Ardshininvestbank" Gyumri branch acc/n 2472604777620000

    Everyone can have their material and non material support for this initiation, the municipality welcomes your ideas and is ready for comprehensive partnership.